Dundee’s constituency MSPs  Shona Robison and Joe FitzPatrick today [27th] expressed concern about the UK Government’s Welfare Reforms and forthcoming reductions in the UK Welfare budget and how this will impact in the Dundee area.

The MSPs were speaking after a meeting at Citizens’ Advice Bureaux in Dundee.

Shona Robison said: “Many people have contacted us directly or contacted the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and other agencies concerned about the impact of the UK Government’s Welfare Reforms.

“New assessment procedures for some benefits have led to considerable delays in processing benefits and have caused hardship and anxiety for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“The Department of Work and Pensions estimates that the proposed additional cuts will reduce benefits receipts in Scotland by £2.5 billion by 2015. This will undoubtedly increase poverty in Dundee.

“We had a very productive and fruitful meeting with Dundee CAB today and will work more closely with the CAB and other agencies on this issue on behalf of our constituents and campaign to persuade the UK Government to drop these damaging cuts to their welfare budget.”

Joe FitzPatrick said:  “While the Scottish Government is proud of progress that has been made on a range of social issues such as homelessness, which has dropped by one-fifth over the last year, we are concerned that further progress is threatened by these UK welfare cuts.

“I am absolutely certain that measures such as these would never have been proposed by any Scottish Government, past, present or future.”

“The Institute of Fiscal Studies anticipates that by 2020 child poverty as a result will rise by 50,000 and the numbers of working age poverty will rise by 160,000. Yet again, Scots are suffering because of policies being introduced by a UK Government they did not vote for.”