A Dundee MSP wants to get across to the public that you can get help to pay your energy bills this winter if you think you might find it a struggle to pay them. The politician is helping to draw attention to The Energy Saving Trust which provides grant assistance to low income families struggling to pay their energy bills.

As summer begins to give way to autumn, a major promotional drive this month will promote the service through adverts on TV and radio.

The Scottish Government fund the Trust through the Energy Assistance Package.

Joe FitzPatrick says: “The Energy Saving Trust helps people on low incomes pay their energy bills. It does this by tackling low income through benefit checks. It might be that you or members of your family are not receiving the benefit to which you are entitled so a benefits check could prove worthwhile.

“The Trust also works towards reducing fuel costs through advice about social tariffs. Energy companies operate reduced charges for certain categories of account holder and you might find that you are entitled to reductions in the bills you receive.

“Finally, the Energy Saving Trust aims to improve the energy efficiency of peoples’ homes through advice, insulation and heating measures. These kinds of conservation measures can also save you money and make your home warmer and easier to heat.

“As summer begins to turn into autumn, and colder weather approaches, families on lower incomes should look for assistance with paying their energy bills or making their homes more energy-efficient. To find out what help you may be eligible to receive, call the advice line number 0800 512 012 or visit the website: www.energyassistancepackage.com”

Copies of the Energy Saving Trust leaflets are available at the SNP Parliamentary Offices, 8 Old Glamis Road, Dundee.