Lib Dems Have ‘Betrayed’ Voters – Dundee MSP

Commenting on the interview in the Herald today (Tuesday) by the LibDem Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, where he described Westminster cuts as “common sense”, “unavoidable”, “progressive” and “civilised”, SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick – a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee – said it just underlined how far the LibDems had gone in betraying their voters.

Mr FitzPatrick pointed out that before the May election this year LibDem leader Nick Clegg and Vince Cable had been strongly against such an early cuts programme and Nick Clegg described them as “economic masochism” and added that if “If anyone had to rely on our support, and we were involved in government, of course we would say no.”

Commenting Mr FitzPatrick said: “In opposition the LibDems were vocal in opposing the type of cuts Danny Alexander is now driving through. Cuts that are damaging and which Scotland never voted for.

“Danny Alexander’s comments just show how far the LibDems have gone in betraying their voters. If it is not tuition fees, the VAT rise the it is supporting the Tory cuts which they call masochistic.

“His astonishing comments just show how the LibDems now enthusiastically support the Tories; that they are the same as the Tories and they are doing the Tories’ dirty work.”

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