MSP ’so impressed he bought the product’

An MSP who visited an award-winning Dundee company which distributes LED tube lights which can save 70% of energy over traditional inefficient fluorescent tube lights, was so impressed he has had the lights installed in his parliamentary office.

Dundee West MSP Joe FitzPatrick visited Medea International Ltd, based in the Dunsinane Industrial Estate in Dundee in July to see the LED tube lights which are replacements for the traditional fluorescent tube lights.

Now 12 of the bulbs have been installed in the Dundee SNP Parliamentary Office in Old Glamis Road and staff and the public are already seeing the benefits.

Joe FitzPatrick said: “I was very impressed with the new bulbs which will help us to reduce our carbon footprint. They are also much brighter than fluorescent tubes – like natural daylight – and last for 30,000 hours or five years and save around 70% of the energy a normal tube uses.

“A standard 4ft LED tube uses 15w of power whereas a similar size fluorescent light uses 43w which is a considerable energy saving and will help businesses lower their carbon footprint and save money.”

On a visit to the company’s premises [on 27 July] to meet Company Director Mr Mike Scott and his team, the MSP learned that LED bulbs are brighter, helping to prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) they also have advantages because they do not flicker, therefore they do not provoke adverse reactions in people who suffer epileptic fits when exposed to flickering light.

Mike Scott said: “LED Tubes do not contain hazardous mercury, unlike traditional fluorescent tubes and are therefore safer to use. They have no UV component and are very bright.

“Companies wishing to switch to the new lighting can obtain interest free loans from the Carbon Trust. LED tube lights qualify for the Enhanced Capital Scheme whereby you can claim the capital and installations costs back from the Inland Revenue.

“With a payback period of only 18 months, every School, college, hospital, prison and in fact all office environments can save money if they convert and help to save the planet too, by lowering their carbon emissions”

Founded in 1998 and now employing 39 workers, Medea’s portfolio has expanded into numerous specialist sectors and includes bestselling global brands such as Inkrite Printing Products, JR Inkjet Refill kits, PressIt labelling, Inifiniti Recordable Media, AnySharp – The Worlds Best Knife Sharpener, Travalo – The Travel Perfume Atomiser and LightBulb.


Contact: Medea LightBulbs: Mike Scott, Director; Paul Lafferty Sales Executive, tel: 0870 350 0360, email:, website:

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