Mental health plays a vital part in Scottish society and has a considerable influence on all aspects of Government. The current mental health strategy for Scotland comes to an end this year, offering the next Parliament a great opportunity to improve Scotland’s mental health. Both of Dundee’s SNP Candidates are strong supporters of the strategy proposed by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

The urgency for an effective new strategy for mental health is clear: the social and economic costs of mental health problems in Scotland are £8.6 billion per year; more than the entire NHS budget. Poor mental health and well-being lies at the heart of some of the most persistent problems that Scotland faces in health, crime, unemployment and deprivation. Without good mental health, Government strategies on these issues simply cannot succeed.

Dundee SNP Candidates Shona Robison and Joe FitzPatrick are pictured showing their support for SAMH’s ten steps to a Strategy for Mental Health.

The Foundation Stone has ten steps which are:

  • Target resources at needs, not budgets
  • Increase professional and public understanding of mental health
  • Spend to save: Don’t let short-termism take over
  • Fully implement and improve the Mental Health Act
  • Build mental health into every NHS department
  • Make services more responsive
  • Improve the criminal justice system
  • Commit funding to suicide prevention
  • Take action on alcohol
  • Stop the spiral of poor mental health 

You can learn more about the ten steps by visiting or by downloading the full version of The Foundation Stone: A Strategy for Scotland’s Mental Health.